Alabama Woman Rescued After 'Citizen' Calls Police To Report Kidnapping

Sean Sanders

Sean Sanders

An Alabama woman was rescued by the police thanks to a bystander who witnessed a stranger trying to abduct her. The person who only identified themselves as a "citizen" called 911 and told the dispatcher they could hear the woman screaming, "he's going to kill me."

When officers from the Brookside Police Department arrived at the scene, the suspect, later identified as Sean Sanders of Los Angeles, fled with the woman in a white van.

The officers gave chase and opened fire on the van after Sanders tried to run over one of the deputies. Sanders stopped the van and barricaded himself in the back with the woman. He held a knife to her throat and told the officers they were going to have to kill him. They stormed the van and subdued Sanders using a stun gun.

Investigators said that Sanders installed a metal cage in the van and used metal chains to lock the doors from the inside. He used a blanket to cover the back windows, which had wire mesh over them.

The victim told police Sanders hit her in the head with a tire iron and planned to drag her into the woods and kill her. She was taken to a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Officials said that Sanders has a lengthy criminal history, which includes prior arrests for assault and kidnapping. He was taken into custody and is facing multiple felony charges.

“These law enforcement officers are true heroes. They risked their own safety to save a life today with outstanding restraint, bravery, and professionalism," Brookside Police Chief Mike Jones said in a statement. "I pray for these officers every day and for their safety. I also commend the initial witness who reported the kidnapping. Without his vigilance and proactive response, we could be investigating a homicide.”

Photo: Brookside Police Department