Best & Worst Time to Plan a Trip to Disney World in 2021 & 2022

Magic Returns to Disneyland Park as Theme Parks Plan to Reopen April 30

Now that the world is starting to re-open, especially here in the U.S. - YOU are probably ready to take that LONG awaited vacation!! And where better than Disney World!!! However - that is probably also on the minds of nearly EVERYONE else! So - when should you go? When should you NOT go? What about going when it's a little cheaper?

Best Time - for the rest of 2021:

  • August 9-31
  • September (the whole month)
  • Most Weekdays in October (WDW 50th Anniversary begins)
  • Nov 1-21 (avoid Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving Week)
  • Weekdays in December 1-17 (avoid Christmas and New Year’s)

Worst Time -

  • May 29 – August 22
  • November 20-28 (Avoid Thanksgiving Week)
  • December 18 -31 (Avoid Christmas and New Year’s Weeks)

And this is super important too...

  • The cheapest times of the year - to visit Disney World are August, September, and January after New Year’s is over into early February.

But what is cheap, right? Lol

To get a far more in depth look at this info, plus a lot more CLICK HERE

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