Since the 2020 Derecho, we've partnered with Trees Forever to raise funds to aid in the replanting of the 600,000+ trees that were affected in the Greater Cedar Rapids area. You've likely seen some of their work across the city. Many parks and right of ways have had new trees planted and are being maintained and monitored by Trees Forever volunteers and staff.
As 600 WMT turns 100, we're looking to help replant one of the parks that carries the name of one of WMT's greatest past broadcasters. Tait Cummins was the sports director of WMT from 1947 - 1970. He and his wife Dottie were esteemed and generous community members and were a very large part of how Camp Courageous came to be what it is today. By clicking the link below and donating, you'll be helping restore the beauty of the park named after an important piece of WMT and Eastern Iowa history. The replanting plan for the park will cost over $10,000. Any excess money raised through this fundraiser will be used to fund other parts of the ReLeaf Cedar Rapids program.
Click here to donate to Trees Forever